Why You Should NEVER Give Up On Your Goals

People often tell me that they have given up on trying to achieve a life-long goal or ambition and that they no longer believe that they can truly better themselves.

But I always ask why? Why give up on something that you once aimed for or once strove to become?

Often the response will be related to the fact that somebody has told them that they are never going to achieve what it is that they want to achieve, or that they are simply ‘dreaming’.

Telling someone that they cannot achieve what it is that they want to achieve, is such a negative thing to do. Even if you do not believe that something is possible, does not mean that such a thing IS impossible.

Our civilisation has been built by people chasing their dreams and by people who have desired to become the best person they can be, and then to share what they have learnt with the rest of humanity.

To anyone who is thinking about giving up on their dreams, then I would simply say; don’t!

By focusing on what it is that you want, you are more likely to come across situations and people in your life that will enable you to find your dreams and to become the person who you really want to be.

The moment you give up this focus, drive and determination then you are effectively turning off the lights that illuminate the most appropriate path in front of you.

To wander in the dark, bumping into life’s challenges without any direction, is to become disconnected from a part of the meaning of life itself.


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