You Are NOT Alone On This Journey

There is little denying that, at times, we can feel incredibly alone during our life-journeys in this physical world and existence.

That is not to say that you are not around people who love and who care for you, but rather, from a spiritual sense at least, you can sometimes feel like you are the only person who has awoken from the ‘slumber’ that much of humanity currently finds itself in.

For many spiritual people, their spiritual journeys tend to be quite personal and thus very private chapters in their book of life.

For example, maybe your spiritual journey was initiated by something you saw, or something that you felt which you now find hard to talk about through fear of being ridiculed by they who do not understand the reality of this physical experience.

You may be reading this now, feeling lost and alone because you do not have anyone around you in whom you can confide or relate to.

We see all-too-often, that people who have had a spiritual awakening often seek comfort in solitude.

But my message to you, is that you are NOT alone.

Many who have opened their spiritual eyes, feel and sense a presence that is not always easy to explain or quantify. Not using the written word anyway.

As I write this, I am ‘alone’ in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense I feel very much connected to the unseen spiritual realities which are, for good reason, hidden from our physical view.

Even during times of high-stress and high-anxiety, you will still feel connected to ‘something’. You feel this ‘something’ deep in your hearts and minds.

But know, that this ‘something’, this spiritual ‘link’ and ‘connection’ is real and thus you are always connected to the spiritual domains which have been spoken about for eons throughout the history of humanity. And thus, you are NOT alone on this journey.

Should you desire to connect with like-minded and awoken souls, then I have started a closed group on Facebook that you are more than welcome to join.

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I have also written a book, entitled: Islands of Reality: The Souls On-Going Journey that is also intended to act as a companion for ANYONE who seeks comfort in relating to the spiritual stories which have been shared by others:

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