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I am always saddened whenever I see the breakdown of a relationship. Whether this be a relationship between friends, family or partners. A bond that was once incredibly strong, becomes shattered.

Of course, some relationships do fizzle out naturally and the individuals in such a relationship are able to part ways amicably whilst still remaining cordial with each other.

And sadly, there are those relationships which end with a cloud of negative emotion, often leaving emotional wounds which do not heal or take a long time to settle.

If you have recently come out of a relationship, and you feel pain in your heart, then I would say to you that you should not give up on once again finding a bond and a love that you have just lost.

When we charge the heart with optimism, with positive energy, then we will find things and people on our journey who are looking for the same thing.

But what about the relationship that you are currently in?

A relationship should be worked on. It takes time and effort and communication to ensure that any relationship continues to be a healthy one.

One of the first emotional mechanisms which can lead to a breakdown in a relationship, is when we start taking each other for granted.

We forget the ‘spark’ that initially led us to each other, or the spark that we had when we were younger and when we played with our siblings or respected and looked up to our birth parents.

You will know when you start to make decisions, both emotional and physical, which indicate that you are perhaps at risk of taking your loved ones for granted.

It is at this point, that you should act.

Be conscious of what is happening and make a concerted effort to purge the thoughts which lead to the decisions being made that, in effect, means you are taking your loved one(s) for granted.

Of course, those of you who are on the spiritual path, will often find that your love is taken for granted, because you offer such love unconditionally. Such is the beauty of the awoken soul.

In this situation, the spiritual person must always ensure that the love which they are giving, is being reciprocated.

But, in essence, any relationship requires time and effort. When we cease to give this time and make this effort then the relationship risks becoming eroded.

And that is what this life, in part, is about….

Finding, forming and growing relationships with family, friends and loved ones which teach us what love, at least in this reality, can mean…

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