Your Guardian Angel Is ALWAYS With You | Spiritual Development

Those who are aware of their spiritual path, or who have gone through a spiritual awakening, will no-doubt have some comprehension of a ‘presence’ around you that cannot always be explained.

When such a presence makes you feel ‘warm’ and loved and at peace, then there is a good chance that the unseen presence around you, is that of your Guardian Angel.

The role of a guardian angel is primarily to try and guide you and to help you to make decisions which can lead you to the goals in both your physical life and your spiritual one.

Unfortunately, a guardian angel cannot prevent things such as accidents from occuring, because their presence is in the spiritual realm rather than the physical one.

When you are at peace with yourself and when you feel calmness within your heart, then your connection to your gaurdian angel will be at its most profound.

Your life will be touched by your celestial consort via the decisions which you make that are in keeping with what we refer to as our ‘instinct’.

Your gaurdian angel helps you to make the decisions which are right for you and which are right for your spiritual path.

Remember, that such decisions should always be made according to the principles of love, peace, forgiveness and hope.

Decisions which are made in your mind that do not have the presence of love and of peace, are made purely by the human material mind rather than by your spiritual self.

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