Your Guardian Angel Is Always With You | Spiritual Development

Many of you no-doubt feel a ‘presence’ about and around you that you cannot always describe.

Such a presence might feel its strongest typically when you are surrounded by love and enveloped with peace.

That is not to say that such a presence shall leave you during hardship, but rather, during such times, the aforementioned companionship might be harder to feel during moments of high-stress.

There will be those of you who perhaps are not able to relate to the thought of having a Guardian Angel with you, especially if you are encountering particular hardship during your current life-journey.

But we should not forget, that the meaning of this physical experience we refer to as ‘life’ is not to experience that which is ‘easy’, but rather, that which poses a challenge for us to overcome.

Regardless of your current experiences in this life, know that in consort with you is a spark of the infinite.

The love that comes with such a companionship, can be felt deep within your heart and is often questioned by the mind.

Embrace the love that your Guardian Angel has for you, even though the physical eye cannot gaze upon nor quantify such a presence.

Your faith in the guidance and love of your Guardian Angel will ensure that even during times of hardship, then you are never truly alone as you progress along this journey.

The light of our eternal God, comes in many forms and has many different guises.

And whilst they who are yet to find the light of love may dismiss the words which you see before you, the eternal truth will always be so, regardless of how many souls continue to ignore the true calling of its will.

We should seek to connect with our Guardian Angel. We should seek to embrace the love of such a presence.

The experiences which you have, are yours to interpret and yours to decipher.

But know, that you are not alone as your venture through the many hurdles of this physical life that is so full of hardship and duress…

In time, the light will ease your troubles.

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