Your Instinct KNOWS What Is Best For You

Learning to listen to and to understand your instinct is an important part of achieving the goals which you have set yourself.

Your instinct knows how to guide you and how to protect you from negative people and from the negative events around you.

When we are bogged down with negative emotions or when we are surrounded by negative people, then the voice of our instinct can become ‘drowned out’ and thus we may find it hard to stay on our path.

The important thing to remember, is to stay balanced and to stay focused.

We can always reconnect with our instinct, even during times of high-stress when you might feel ‘isolated’ or cut off from your intuition.

Of course, it goes without saying that the guidance you receive from your instinct can only help you and can only point you in the direction of the ‘light’ for as long as you have genuine and sincere love within your heart.

Love acts as the unseen map that enables your soul to find its true place in this physical world.

Do not doubt your instinct.

Even if you feel as though you have not yet been able to connect to your inner guidance, by taking some ‘time out’ – perhaps during meditation or during moments of quiet reflection – then you WILL be able to reconnect to your instinct and thus your physical journey ‘here’ could start to improve and become more fulfilling.

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