Your Mental Health Is As Important As Your Spiritual Health

In today’s modern age, more and more people are finding it difficult to maintain their mental health.

There are many reasons for this, but our ability to easily consume news and information which is ‘negative’ forms a big part of what is going on in relation to our mental health.

You only need to pick up a newspaper, watch the news, or browse the internet to be confronted and presented with stories about people suffering and enduring hardship.

The sad fact is, that ‘bad news’ sells…But why?

It would seem that the human mind (as opposed to the spiritual self) has a tendency to consume this negative content and news because, in a way, hearing about other people’s pain takes the focus off of our own pain.

But reading about some of the terrible things which are going on in this world, still has an effect on our subconscious, especially when being repeatedly exposed to such information.

Our emotions and spiritual energy still becomes ‘displaced’ whenever we see, hear or read about something that is extremely painful to watch, see or hear.

Indeed, this is one of the many reasons as to why, the more spiritually aware you become, then the more likely you are to ‘disconnect’ from the ‘news’.

We hear all of the time about people who have decided to go ‘off grid’ – to live in small self-sufficient communities amongst other people who share the same love of everyday life as they do.

These communities tend to give up the internet, the news and just concentrate on living together harmoniously.

Never before, has humanity had access to so much information on such a massive scale.

But, at the moment at least, this information tends to be far more negative than what it is positive.

If you find that your mental health is starting to lean towards the feelings associated with negative energies, then consider taking some ‘time out’…

Find positive stories written by positive people and embrace the energies and emotions which come with reading and learning about such stories…

And also, whenever you can, spend as much time as possible with positive people with positive energies…

I have written a book, that is intended to be a companion for anyone who feels isolated or alone: 


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